A new experiment provides a unique platform for creating and controlling highly excited states of quantum matter by combining topological pumping of 1D dysprosium gases and cavity photon-mediated interactions. 

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We create and study quantum spin glasses—and the quantum neural networks they enable—using photon-mediated interactions provided by our new technique, confocal cavity QED.

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We are building a new experiment for driving quantum materials into new phases via cavity photons. The CavMat project aims to enhance critical temperatures of correlated phases in a continuous manner.

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By supadmin, 30 May, 2013

About the lab

LevLab is a joint AMO & CM experimental group that explores the question:  Can new classes of states and phases of quantum matter be created far away from equilibrium, and if so, what do we learn?  We use our new technique, confocal cavity QED, to both engineer out-of-equilibrium quantum gases and 2D materials and to image and control their new properties.  

Specifically, we aim to:

  • Create and control new forms of highly excited quantum matter using cavity photons coupled to 1D gases of the most magnetic atom, dysprosium;
  • `Wire together' nodes of atomic spins with photons to create novel spin glasses and the quantum neural networks they realize;
  • Use our novel `CavMat' instrument to control electronic excitations of twisted 2D quantum materials with the goal to shape control their phase diagrams.

We welcome all curious experiment and theory grad students and postdocs to contact Prof. Lev

News & Events

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Benjamin Lev, Physics & Applied Physics Professor,

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