Dysprosium Quantum Gases
Dysprosium Quantum Gases

Quantum Bose and Fermi gases of dysprosium, first created by LevLab, possess extraordinarily large magnetic moments and spins, opening avenues to create novel quantum topological matter.

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Many-Body Cavity QED

Quantum soft matter may be realized via BECs confined within multimode cavities: spin glasses, quantum neural networks, quantum liquid crystals and superglasses.

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The SQCRAMscope
SQCRAMscope microscopy

Our novel Scanning Quantum CRyogenic Atom Microscope scans Bose-Einstein condensates over surfaces to image electron transport in strongly correlated or topologically nontrivial condensed matter materials.

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LevLab aims to elucidate the interplay between superfluidity, crystallinity, magnetism, disorder, and dimensionality in complex quantum matter using novel techniques developed to: 1) use high-spin dipolar gases for exploring topological quantum matter, see Dysprosium Quantum Gases; 2) manipulate ultracold atoms near cryogenic surfaces for high-resolution, high-sensitivity imaging of transport in, e.g., unconventional superconductors and topological insulators, see The SQCRAMscope; 3) realize quantum neural networks and quantum liquid crystal, superglass, and spin glass phases in a many-body, multimode cavity QED context, see Many-Body Cavity QED.

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