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SCRAMscope imaging nematic LevLab

First science from SQCRAMscope!  We have imaged the electron nematic transport in iron-based pnictide high-Tc superconductors. Read about it here.

Gouy-induced interaction

Two papers, here and here, show how Gouy phases modify photon-mediated interactions in multimode cavity QED.  Both chosen for Editors' Suggestion and featured in APS Physicis... Read More

dynamical SOC

We demonstrated dynamical spin-orbit-coupling in a BEC for the first time using an optical cavity.  The resulting state is a spinor-helix polarition condensate.  Paper appeared in PRL.

Benjamin Lev dipolar quantum Newton's cradle

Toy inspires experiment on behavior of quantum systems in Stanford News.

spinor polariton condensate from LevLab

We made a spinor polariton condensate.  Published in PRL. Read more here.

Dipolar quantum Newton's cradle

Published in Phys. Rev X. New work on thermalization in near-integrable system. See popular press:
Editors' Choice Watching magnetic atoms thermalize in Science 
... Read More

Dr. Yijun Tang

Congratulations to Dr. Yijun Tang, our newest Ph.D.!

multimode cavity interactions

APS Physics Viewpoint on our paper reporting tunable atom-atom interactions in multimode cavity QED.

Tunable cavity interactions PRX

PRX paper published.  Results demostrate tunable range, photon-mediated atom-atom interactions using BECs in multimode cavity QED.  See also APS Physics Viewpoint by Hakan Türeci.

Dr. Steve Edkins won Institute of Physics prize for best PhD thesis in the field of superconductivity for 2016. Congratulations, Steve!

Edkins Thesis Prize

Congratulations to Steve Edkins on winning the Springer Thesis Prize!  Springer published his PhD thesis as a book on Amazon. Check it out!

Dipolar Quantum Newton's Cradle

New work on thermalization in near-integrable system.