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Active Quantum Gas Microscope

We report the extremely large cooperativity of our active quantum gas microscope.

LevLab rapidity measurement of 1D dipolar gas

We report the first measurements of the rapidity and momentum distributions of equilibrium dipolar 1D gases.  

LevLab An optical lattice with sound

Our paper has appeared in Nature regarding the creation of the first optical lattice with sound vibrations---phonons.  This opens many new directions in the field of quantum simulation of quantum many-body... Read More

Benjamin Lev, Sri Raghu, and Monika Schleier-Smith elected 2021 American Physical Society Fellows

Benjamin Lev, Physics & Applied Physics Professor, along with Physics Professors Srinivas Raghu and Monika Schleier-Smith, are new APS Fellows for work in quantum physics.

By Taylor Kubota
The ... Read More

Benjamin Lev VAMOS talk

Watch here for Prof. Benjamin Lev's VAMOS seminar talk on "Topological pumping of a 1D dipolar gas into... Read More

LevLab Quantum Archimedes' Screw

LevLab has created a quantum Archimedes' screw. See paper published in Science

From Stanford News... Read More

LevLab SQCRAMscope

"Ultracold atoms put high-temperature superconductors under the microscope" appears in Physics World.

New LevLab SQCRAMscope

New and improved SQCRAMscope can cool samples to 6 K.

Lev lab cavity

Read news article "Quantum Simulation Stars Light in the Role of Sound" by Bailey Bedford on our recent theory paper in... Read More

New theory paper in PRL shows how to use photon-mediated interactions in a multimode optical cavity to induces a peierls transition in a 1D Bose or Fermi gas.  The... Read More

We have created novel quantum many-body scar states by topologically pumping a 1D dipolar Bose gas of dysprosium. Wow quantum holonomy!