Dy confocal cQED

Dy confocal cQED

Our group has pioneered the creation and study of Bose and Fermi-degenerate gases of dysprosium, the most magnetic element.  In our experiments, we exploit the long-range and anisotropic character of the dipole-dipole interaction among Dy atoms to create novel testbeds for quantum many-body physics, both within and away from equilibrium.  For example, we recently made a quantum and magnetic version of the famous Newton's cradle toy.  We used it to explore the breakdown of quantum integrability and the onset of thermalization in a strongly interacting quantum 1D system. We've also used a new topological pumping scheme---that works like an Archimedes screw---to drive the 1D gas to highly excited "quantum many-body scar" states.  We will now aim to explore these prethermal states and others using the coupling of the gas to photons in our new confocal cavity QED system.


We observe a novel quantum many-body phenominon in quench compressed scar states.  See here for…
We report the first measurements of the rapidity and momentum distributions of equilibrium dipolar…
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LevLab has created a quantum Archimedes' screw. See paper published in Science From Stanford News…
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We have created novel quantum many-body scar states by topologically pumping a 1D dipolar Bose gas…
Toy inspires experiment on behavior of quantum systems in Stanford News.
Congratulations to Dr. Yijun Tang, our newest Ph.D.!
Published in Phys. Rev X. New work on thermalization in near-integrable system. See popular press:…
New work on thermalization in near-integrable system.
Anisotropic Dy tune-out wavelength.  Published in Optics Express.
Collisions of Dy BECs yield halos of dipolar scattered atoms. See movie made by Andrew Sykes.  See…
Anisotropic expansion of thermal dipolar Bose gas. PRL
Congratulations Nate Burdick, PhD!
APS Physics Viewpoint on quantum flucuations in imploding dipolar condensates.
We created the first spin-orbit-coupled dipolar Fermi gas with Dy!  Read about it in PRX here.
Scattering lengths for 162Dy and 164Dy have now been measured.  
We report Bose-Einstein condensation of two isotopes of the highly magnetic element dysprosium:…
We observe the suppression of inelastic dipolar scattering due to Fermi statistics in ultracold…
Congratulations to Mingwu!  Dr. Mingwu Lu defended his thesis June 2014 and is now a postdoc with…
We report in this Phys. Rev. A Rapid paper (arXiv) the observation of resonance-like loss in the…
Lev and theory collaborators publish paper in PRA Rapid Communications on creating synthetic gauge…
PRL announcing world's first dipolar Dy DFG selected as Editors' Suggestion, and featured in…
World's first Dy BEC!
Paper on Dy optical dipole trapping at magic wavelengths published in PRA
Paper on Dy narrow-line spectroscopy published in PRA.
Two dysprosium papers published in PRA fall 2010. Papers detail Dy MOT physics and a novel sub-…
Dy MOT and magnetic trap collisions paper published in Phys. Rev. Lett.  Research highlight in…
Announcing the world's first Dysprosium magneto-optical trap (MOT)!  News bulletin


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Selected as a Letter and Editors' Suggestion

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News coverage:
Stanford News:  Stanford physicists find new state of matter in a one-dimensional quantum gas  pdf
APS DAMOP Highlight:  The Turn of the Screw
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See Editors' Choice Watching magnetic atoms thermalize in Science
See News: Quantum Physics A tiny version of this physics toy is revealing quantum secrets in ScienceNews
See Synopsis Pathway to Quantum Thermalization in APS Physics
See Research Highlight Towards thermalization in Nature Physics
See Article Toy inspires experiment on behavior of quantum systems in Stanford News 
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See accompanying Perspective "Smashing Magnets" by Igor Ferrier-Barbut. pdf

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