Many-Body Cavity QED

Many-Body Cavity QED

Investigations of many-body physics in an AMO context often employ a static optical lattice to create a periodic potential.  Such systems, while capable of exploring, e.g., the Hubbard model, lack the fully emergent crystalline order found in solid state systems whose stiffness is not imposed externally, but arises dynamically.  Our multimode cavity QED experiment introduces fully emergent and compliant optical lattices to the ultracold atom toolbox and provides new avenues to explore beyond mean-field physics and quantum soft matter.  Quantum liquid crystals, superglasses, spin glasses, and Hopfield associative memory may arise due to the oscillatory, frustrated, and tunable-range interactions mediated by the optical cavity modes.  Coherent neural networks based on the quantum phase transtions in these driven, dissipative spin systems may prove powerful for computing solutions to NP-hard combinatorial optimization problems.


spinor polariton condensate from LevLab

We made a spinor polariton condensate.  Read more here.

Tunable cavity interactions PRX

PRX paper published.  Results demostrate tunable range, photon-... Read More

Proposal for creating Meissner-like effect in multimode cavity QED.

Turtle mode

A new nonequilibrium state of matter.  To appear in Phys Rev Applied.  ArXiv version 

Dr. Alicia Kollar

Congratulations Alicia Kollár, PhD!

Dr. Alexander Pagageorge

Congratuations to Alexander Pagageorge, PhD!


Digital Micromirror Devices (DMD) provide a robust platform with which to implement digital holography, in principle providing the means to... Read More


We present a novel cavity QED system in which a Bose-Einstein condensate (... Read More

Paper on neural network in multimode cavity.  Special... Read More

Spin glass and Hopefield neural network in multimode cQED paper appears in PRL.  ... Read More

Theory paper on soft quantum matter in multimode cavity QED published in Phys. Rev. A... Read More


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arXiv:1807.04915 (2018) pdf 

V. D. Vaidya, Y. Guo, R. M. Kroeze, K. E. Ballantine, A. J. Kollár, J. Keeling, and B. L. Lev
Tunable-range, photon-mediated atomic interactions in multimode cavity QED​
Physical Review X 8, 011002 (2018).  pdf
Selected for a Viewpoint in APS Physics:
H. Türeci, 
A Multimode Dial for Interatomic Interactions, pdf

A. J. Kollár, A. T. Papageorge, V. D. Vaidya, Y. Guo, J. Keeling, and B. L. Lev
Supermode-density-wave-polariton condensation
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Meissner-like effect for synthetic gauge field in multimode cavity QED​
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Coupling to Modes of a Near-Confocal Optical Resonator Using a Digital Light Modulator
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Special issue in honor of David Sherrington

S. Gopalakrishnan, B. L. Lev, and P. Goldbart
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Selected for a Viewpoint in APS Physics

S. Gopalakrishnan, B. L. Lev, and P. Goldbart
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Nature Physics News and Views article by Helmut Ritsch.
arXiv:cond-mat/0903.2254 pdf

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Quantum soft matter may be realized via BECs confined within multimode cavities: spin glasses, quantum neural networks, quantum liquid crystals and superglasses.

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