Quantum-optical spin glass

Quantum-optical spin glass

What is a quantum neural network and how might it exhibit computational advantage? Can we create a spin glass made of atomic spins and photons and use it to resolve longstanding mysteries surrounding spin-glass order?  We are tackling these fundamental and technologically relevant questions using our novel multimode cavity QED-BEC apparatus. The system provides strong, photon-mediated interactions among atoms trapped within the cavity resonator.  Photons virtually scattered among the atoms cause the system to superradiate and self-organize into various exotic forms of quantum matter such as quantum spin glasses---which can be used as quantum neural networks and associative memories---and quantum liquid crystals. As a first step toward the latter, we recently created a super solid that vibrates by forming an optical lattice with sound


We have created the first spin glass made of atoms and photons!  Read more
New theory paper in PRX explores the relationship between entanglement and replica symmetry…
Our newest PhD, Dr. Kroeze!
What first got you excited about science?Mostly science fiction, to be honest! I was a big star…
We report in PRX Quantum the extremely large cooperativity of our active quantum gas microscope.
Our paper has appeared in Nature regarding the creation of the first optical lattice with sound…
New theoretical work appeared in PRX and was highlighted in an APS Physics Synopsis. It marks a…
Read news article "Quantum Simulation Stars Light in the Role of Sound" by Bailey Bedford on our…
New theory paper in PRL shows how to use photon-mediated interactions in a multimode optical cavity…
We demonstrated dynamical spin-orbit-coupling in a BEC for the first time using an optical cavity…
Two papers, here and here, show how Gouy phases modify photon-mediated interactions in multimode…
We made a spinor polariton condensate.  Published in PRL. Read more here.
PRX paper published.  Results demostrate tunable range, photon-mediated atom-atom interactions…
APS Physics Viewpoint on our paper reporting tunable atom-atom interactions in multimode cavity QED…
Proposal for creating Meissner-like effect in multimode cavity QED.
A new nonequilibrium state of matter.  To appear in Phys Rev Applied.  ArXiv version 
Congratulations Alicia Kollár, PhD!
Digital Micromirror Devices (DMD) provide a robust platform with which to implement digital…
We present a novel cavity QED system in which a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) is trapped within a…
Paper on neural network in multimode cavity.  Special issue in honor David Sherrington.
Theory paper on soft quantum matter in multimode cavity QED published in Phys. Rev. A and selected…
A method to observe supersolids and superstripes? Lev helps propose a multimode cavity QED…
Spin glass and Hopefield neural network in multimode cQED paper appears in PRL.  Collaboration…


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R. M. Kroeze, B. P. Marsh, D. Atri Schuller, H. Hunt, S. Gopalakrishnan, J. Keeling, and B. L. Lev
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Nature 599, 211 (2021).  link to pdf
News coverage:
Stanford News:  Adding sound to quantum simulations
APS Physics Magazine:  A Humming Lattice of Cold Atoms

B. P. Marsh, Y. Guo, R. M. Kroeze, S. Gopalakrishnan, S. Ganguli, J. Keeling, and B. L. Lev
Enhancing associative memory recall and storage capacity using confocal cavity QED
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News coverage:
APS Synopsis in Physics:  A Computer Memory Based on Cold Atoms and Light
APS DAMOP Highlight: Atoms and Light Remember Better
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News coverage:
 "Quantum Simulation Stars Light in the Role of Sound" by Bailey Bedford

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Selected for Editors' Suggestion
Featured in Physics Synopsis: A Step Toward Simulating Spin Glasses.  pdf
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Selected for Editors' Suggestion
Featured in Physics Synopsis: A Step Toward Simulating Spin Glasses.  pdf

R. M. Kroeze, Y. Guo, V. D. Vaidya, J. Keeling, and B. L. Lev
Spinor self-ordering of a quantum gas in a cavity
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arXiv:1807.04915  pdf 

V. D. Vaidya, Y. Guo, R. M. Kroeze, K. E. Ballantine, A. J. Kollár, J. Keeling, and B. L. Lev
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Selected for a Viewpoint in APS Physics:
H. Türeci, 
A Multimode Dial for Interatomic Interactions, pdf

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Special issue in honor of David Sherrington

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Selected for a Viewpoint in APS Physics

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Nature Physics News and Views article by Helmut Ritsch.
arXiv:cond-mat/0903.2254 pdf