SQCRAMscope microscopy

SQCRAMscope microscopy

Microscopy techniques co-opted from nonlinear optics and high energy physics have complemented solid-state probes in elucidating exotic order manifest in condensed matter materials.  Up until now, however, no attempts have been made to use modern techniques of ultracold atomic physics to directly explore properties of strongly correlated or topologically protected materials.  

We introduce the SQCRAMscope, a novel Scanning Quantum CRyogenic Atom Microscope technique for imaging magnetic fields arising from domain structure or electron transport near cryogenically cooled materials.  With our SQCRAMscope, we aim to image inhomogeneous transport and domain percolation in technologically relevant materials whose order has evaded elucidation.  Our current projects include imaging transport in unconventional superconductors and topologically non-trivial materials. 


Dr. Steve Edkins won Institute of Physics prize for best PhD thesis in the field of superconductivity for 2016. Congratulations, Steve!

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Introducing the SQCRAMscope.  ArXiv paper describes new microscope functionality.

Matt Naides just defended his Ph.D. thesis! Way to go Dr. Naides!

Reconfigurable cryogenic atom chip

Paper on the reconfigurable atom chip trapping of atoms near cryogenic materials published in Appl. Phys. Lett.  We demonstrate a novel atom chip... Read More

Lev publishes proposal for atom chip microscopy of transport in topological insulators ... Read More


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Selected for a Viewpoint in APS Physics:
J. Fortágh and A. Günther, Sensing Magnetic Fields with a Giant Quantum Wave, pdf

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B. Dellabetta, T. L. Hughes, M. J. Gilbert, and B. L. Lev
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Homepage Project Description: 

Our novel Scanning Quantum CRyogenic Atom Microscope scans Bose-Einstein condensates over surfaces to image electron transport in strongly correlated or topologically nontrivial condensed matter materials.

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