Mr. Brendan Marsh

Mr. Brendan Marsh

Mr. Brendan Marsh
Graduate Student
Spilker 333
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Brendan earned a master’s degree in applied mathematics and theoretical physics from the University of Cambridge in 2018, also known as Part III of the mathematical tripos. During Part III, he worked with philosopher of physics Jeremy Butterfield, together writing a handful of papers on foundational quantum theory. In his undergraduate studies, he double majored in physics and mathematics with a minor in computer science at the University of Missouri. There, he conducted research in computer vision and single molecule biophysics in the King Laboratory, where he designed the Hessian blob algorithm and constructed theoretical models for biomolecule imaging by atomic force microscopy. He has also engaged in summer research internships at the University of Goettingen in Germany, designing artificial neural networks to detect the Higgs boson in the ATLAS experiment, and at SRI International in California, designing a hyperspectral imaging device for rapid detection of tumor cells in blood samples. He was a recipient of the 2015 Goldwater Scholarship and is an NSF GRFP Fellow.



B. P. Marsh, R. M. Kroeze, S. Ganguli, S. Gopalakrishnan, J. Keeling, and B. L. Lev
Entanglement and replica symmetry breaking in a driven-dissipative quantum spin glass
Physical Review X 14, 011026 (2024).  pdf

R. M. Kroeze, B. P. Marsh, D. Atri Schuller, H. Hunt, S. Gopalakrishnan, J. Keeling, and B. L. Lev
Replica symmetry breaking in a quantum-optical vector spin glass
arXiv:2311.04216  pdf

B. P. Marsh, Y. Guo, R. M. Kroeze, S. Gopalakrishnan, S. Ganguli, J. Keeling, and B. L. Lev
Enhancing associative memory recall and storage capacity using confocal cavity QED
Physical Review X 11, 021048 (2021).  pdf
News coverage:
APS Synopsis in Physics:  A Computer Memory Based on Cold Atoms and Light
APS DAMOP Highlight: Atoms and Light Remember Better
arXiv:2009.01227  pdf