Dr. Jack DiSciacca

Dr. Jack DiSciacca

Dr. Jack DiSciacca
Spilker 335
Short CV

Academic Positions

  • PostDoc, Group of B. Lev, Stanford University 2013-


  • Ph.D., Harvard University, 2013
  • A.M., Harvard University, 2009
  • B.A., Wesleyan University, 2007​


Y. Tang, A. G. Sykes, N. Q. Burdick, J. M. DiSciacca, D. S. Petrov, and B. L. Lev
Anisotropic expansion of a thermal dipolar Bose gas
Physical Review Letters 117, 155301 (2016). pdf

M. A. Naides, R. W. Turner, R. A. Lai, J. M. DiSciacca, and B. L. Lev
Trapping ultracold gases near cryogenic materials with rapid reconfigurability
Applied Physics Letters 103, 251112 (2013)pdf

J. DiSciacca, M. Marshall, K. Marable, and G. Gabrielse
Resolving an Individual One-Proton Spin Flip to Determine a Proton Spin State

Physical Review Letters 110, 140406 (2013)pdf

J. DiSciacca, M. Marshall, K. Marable, G. Gabrielse, S. Ettenauer, E. Tardiff, R. Kalra, D. W. Fitzakerley, M. C. George, E. A. Hessels, C. H. Storry, M. Weel, D. Grzonka, W. Oelert, and T. Sefzick (ATRAP Collaboration)
One-Particle Measurement of the Antiproton Magnetic Moment
Physical Review Letters 110, 130801(2013)pdf

Selected as Editors' Suggestion and featured in Physics Viewpoint.

J. DiSciacca and G. Gabrielse
Direct Measurement of the Proton Magnetic Moment
Physical Review Letters 108, 153001 (2012)pdf

J. D. Wright, J. M. DiSciacca, J. M. Lambert, and T. J. Morgan
Closed-orbit recurrences in molecular hydrogen
Physical Review A 81, 063409 (2010)pdf

N. Guise, J. DiSciacca, and G. Gabrielse
Self-Excitation and Feedback Cooling of an Isolated Proton
Physical Review Letters 104, 143001(2010)pdf