CavMat: Materials in Cavities

CavMat: Materials in Cavities

Our newest experiment is CavMat:  Materials in Cavities.  The project merges our confocal cavity QED technique with that of the SQCRAMscope, a novel quantum sensor we invented; see below for brief description.  We aim to influence, in continuous rather than pulsed manner, the collective excitations of a correlated material. A grand goal is to enhance the critical temperature for superconductivity through the photon-material interaction.

The SQCRAMscope (Scanning Quantum Cryogenic Atom Microscope) uses an ultracold quantum gas as a micron-resolution magnetometer. It is capable of imaging DC electron transport and magnetization in both room-temperature and cryogenically cooled quantum materials with unprecedented sensitivity. This novel microscope was the first example of the direct marriage of ultracold AMO physics with condensed matter physics for the exploration of technologically relevant strongly correlated and topologically nontrivial materials. For example, we used the SQCRAMscope to locally image the electron nematic domains that arise in an iron-pnictide high-Tc superconductor. 


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