Dr. Fan Yang

Dr. Fan Yang

Mr. Fan Yang
Graduate Student
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Peking University



S. F. Taylor, F. Yang, B. A. Freudenstein, and B. L. Lev
A scanning quantum cryogenic atom microscope at 6 K
SciPost Physics 10, 060 (2021).  pdf 

F. Yang, S. F. Taylor, S. D. Edkins, J. Palmstrom, Ian R. Fisher, and Benjamin L. Lev
Nematic Transitions in Iron-Pnictide Superconductors Imaged with a Quantum Gas
Nature Physics 16, 514 (2020). pdf
Featured in News & Views in Nature Physcis 16, 506 by James Analytis: "Cooking with quantum gas"  pdf
Featured in Phys.org in article by Ingrid Fadelli: "Imaging nematic transitions in iron pnictide superconductors" pdf
Featured in Physics World article by Margaret Harris: "Ultracold atoms put high-temperature superconductors under the microscope" pdf
arXiv:1907.12601  pdf

F. Yang, A. J. Kollár, S. F. Taylor, R. W. Turner, and B. L. Lev
A Scanning Quantum Cryogenic Atom Microscope
Physical Review Applied 7, 034026 (2017).  pdf
Selected for a Viewpoint in APS Physics:
J. Fortágh and A. Günther, Sensing Magnetic Fields with a Giant Quantum Wave, pdf