Publications 2008

H. J. Kimble, B. L. Lev, and J. Ye
Optical interferometers with reduced sensitivity to thermal noise
Physical Review Letters 101, 260602 (2008)pdf

M. Lara, B. L. Lev, and J. Bohn
Loss of molecules in magneto-electrostatic traps due to nonadiabatic transitions
Physical Review A 78, 033433 (2008). pdf

B. L. Lev, A. Vukics, E. Hudson, B. Sawyer, P. Domokos, H. Ritsch, and J. Ye
Prospects for the cavity-assisted laser cooling of molecules
Physical Review A 77, 023402 (2008)pdf

B. Sawyer, B. Stuhl, B. L. Lev, J. Ye, and E. Hudson
Mitigation of loss within a molecular Stark decelerator
European Journal of Physics D 48, 197 (2008). pdf