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A new nonequilibrium state of matter.  To appear in Phys Rev Applied.  ArXiv version 

Dr. Nate Burdick

Congratulations Nate Burdick, PhD!

Dr. Alicia Kollar

Congratulations Alicia Kollár, PhD!

Dr. Alexander Pagageorge

Congratuations to Alexander Pagageorge, PhD!


We created the first spin-orbit-coupled dipolar Fermi gas with Dy!  Read about it in PRX here.

APS Physics Viewpoint on quantum flucuations in imploding dipolar condensates.

Benjamin promoted to Associate Professor with tenure.


Digital Micromirror Devices (DMD) provide a robust platform with which to implement digital holography, in principle providing the means to rapidly generate propagating transverse electromagnetic fields with arbitrary mode profiles at visible and IR wavelengths. We use a DMD to probe a Fabry-Pérot cavity in single-mode and near-degenerate confocal configurations. Pumping arbitrary modes of the... Read More

Scattering lengths for 162Dy and 164Dy have now been measured.  


We present a novel cavity QED system in which a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) is trapped within a high-finesse optical cavity whose length may be adjusted to access both single-mode and multimode configurations.  We demonstrate the coupling of an atomic ensemble to the cavity in both configurations.  The atoms are confined... Read More

162Dy BEC

We report Bose-Einstein condensation of two isotopes of the highly magnetic element dysprosium: 162Dy and 160Dy. For 162Dy, condensates with 10^5 atoms form below T = 50 nK... Read More

Alicia and Nate are ready to trick-or-treat!